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Community Treasure Hunt

A Physical Distancing Approved Event that you can do alone or in a car with your immediate family.  Although there is nothing prohibiting anyone from turning this into a marathon training trail or cycling event.  The goal is to get out of the house and pick up a few fun facts along the way.  This hunt just covers one small section of town.  We hope to have more hunts to follow.  For those of you who are not able to leave your home, you can also try this from your computer, perhaps using Google Maps, and take a screen shot for proof of the virtual journey. 


Choose your company (self or immediate family only in order to comply with safe physical distancing guidelines)

Set your odometer at 0.0 miles (or if you have no ‘zero-set’ odometer, record actual mileage and bring a calculator – or your phone calculator).

Follow the directions below based on odometer reading.  We’ve reset the odometer to zero a few times to help compensate for odometer differences between cars.  

This Tuftonboro Treasures takes to you places like hiking trails, airports, churches, farms, and other historical features or just for fun points of interest.  If you find a farm, you get extra points if you capture the year it was built.

We’ve included answers to points of interest - no peaking unless you really need the help.

The whole loop without stops should take about 90 minutes.  But take your time.  Bring your hiking shoes.  Have some fun.

Starting Point:  Tuftonboro Central School Playground. 

 MVCC's Tuftonboro 3rd Treasure Hunts: 

This hunt #3 takes us around to only 6 of Tuftonboro's over 50  cemeteries and/or graveyard sites.  We used and referenced the book Tuftonboro, New Hampshire: Cemeteries, Graveyard, and Burial Sites 1800-1995, compiled, edited, and published by The Graveyard Committee of The Tuftonboro Association, Ann W. Hackl, Chairman (c) 1997 during our creation of this adventure.  If you are able to find one, at the library perhaps, we recommend you bring the book along with you for added fun and learning.

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