Feet for Fuel - Walk for Warmth


Sunday October 16th 2022 2pm



On Sunday October 16th at 2pm our church will gather for our annual feet for fuel, walk for warmth

local community fundraiser. 

The purpose of this walk is to raise money for fuel assistance for our neighbors in financial need.

Since 2008 Melvin Village Community Church has sponsored the annual “Feet for Fuel- Walk for Warmth” Walk-A-Thon to raise funds to assist local families in need of fuel and emergency assistance. 

Over the years MVCC, with generous support from the Bald Peak Community Fund, has raised over $167,000 through this effort.  This past year MVCC provided over $16,000 to 38 families in our community in need of assistance.  This year, with your help, we will continue to make a difference for those in need.

Please consider sponsoring a walker or send a donation to the church at "MVCC, c/o "FFF WFW"

PO Box 233, Melvin Village, NH 03850" 

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