69th Fair & Auction

“Simple Things That Bring Joy”


Saturday, July 10th 2021


Flea Market, games, and food 9am-2pm  Live Auction at 12pm


Event Details

We are excited to announce the return of the Annual MVCC Fair and Auction this summer! 

After much brainstorming and careful deliberation, we have developed a revised approach to our annual event for 2021.  The primary difference is that we will not be opening up the barn and will be replacing the usual White Elephant, boutique, and other donation drop-offs with a rent-a-space (or table) flea market.  The flea market tables will be spaced to provide plenty of elbow room and will be open for business at 9 AM after the ribbon is cut by the 2021 Honorary Chairperson(s) – still to be determined – so submit your nominations now!  The Auction will start at 12 PM.  Games, food and other fun fare will be provided throughout the morning and early afternoon.


To be a success we need lots of local community members to rent-a-space as well as lots of high-quality donations for the live auction.


The Flea Market is open to anyone who wants to sell items at the event – families who have treasures from the attic that they would like to part with, artisans with crafts to sell, etc.  People may rent-a-space (10’x12’) and spread their wares on a ground cover or MVCC can provide an 8’ table.  The format is that each participant “brings in and takes out”, meaning anything that doesn’t sell must be taken away by the “renter”.  The cost to rent a flea market space is $25.  


In addition we would like BIG TICKET, HIGH QUALITY items for the Live Auction.  Ideas include Artwork, Sporting Event Tickets, Golf Carts, Watercraft (boats, canoes, kayaks, sunfish, paddle boards), Fine Dining Gift Certificates, Sunset Cruises, Golf Outings, Week-end Getaways, and Adventure Experiences are just a few suggestions!  Please contact the church office at 603-544-9661 if you have an idea for a live auction donation.


The Flea Market, Fair and Auction is a fun community event.  It is also the church’s single biggest fundraiser of the year and all funds received help support the operations and outreach of the church.

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