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Family and Youth Pastor 

Melvin Village Community Church

476 Gov Wentworth Hwy

Post Office Box 233

Melvin Village, New Hampshire 03850

Church office   (603) 544-9661

The Melvin Village Community Church is seeking a family and youth pastor to worship with, and serve our church, specifically in the area of youth and families and Biblical preaching once a month.   This position includes housing.


Organized in 1837, the Melvin Village Community Church provides an intentional Christ centered environment for young and old to experience and share together in fellowship the richness and generosity of Christ.  MVCC is a community church to both year-round residents and seasonal friends, all from varying denominational church backgrounds.  We seek to love people “where they are at” and build authentic relationships together while deepening our personal relationship with God.


We do this through:

            + A commitment to Christ centered and Bible based Sunday worship for 50-100 on Sunday Morning.

            + Congregation care and community outreach.

            + Looking for ways to better serve the physical and spiritual needs of youth and families in our community.  

            + Monthly fellowship and community events (2nd Tuesday, 2nd Sunday, Youth group, Church family retreat,                 and special events).

You are:

            + A follower of Jesus who seeks to honor God in all things (thought, word and deed).

            + Passionate about seeing the young and old know God and grow together and in personal relationship                       with Him.

            + Committed to the ministry of the local church and community.

            + Willing to take risks, try new ideas, make mistakes and above all learn and grow in your own relationship                   with Christ in your leadership and ministry abilities.  

            + Support the Pastor through the efforts of “clearing the path to Christ” for people to experience God and                     grow in their personal faith journey.

Your skills:

            + Authentic preaching and connection through sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a relevant way.

            + Speak the truth in love.

            + Flexible and active listener – ability to work in unity with a fellowship of believers and in the community.

            + Passion for youth and families.

We will expect you to:

            + Work with Christian Education Committee to grow the church spiritually and sustain the church spiritually                   and fiscally, being a good steward of what God has entrusted to us. 

            + Help create a culture and atmosphere that is welcoming to skeptics, seekers and nurturing to followers of                 Jesus Christ.

“We whose names are undersigned, believing it for the glory of God and for the advancement of the cause and kingdom of our redeemer, and for the helping of each other towards our Heavenly home, do this sixteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven.  We as brethren agree to walk together in love and to take the New Testament for our only rule of faith and practice” Melvin Village Church October 16th 1837

Those interested in this position please call Pastor Kevin Van Brunt at (603) 544-9661 or send resume with three references to

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